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Medical photo archive

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Warning! This archive contains graphic photos from surgeries and necropsies.

Astrodoll's surgery Astrodoll developed bilateral ovarian tumours, leiomyomas.

Bizzie's necropsy Bizzie died of intestinal blockage after ingesting a small piece of rubber from a shoe.

Mimas's surgery Mimas deveoped a benign mast cell tumour growing from scar tissue.

Mingo's necropsy Mingo died of a ruptured bowel caused by accidental ingestion of wood chips.

Phoibos's surgery Phoibos developed a testicular hydrocele, probably due to his previous vasectomy.

Phoibos's necropsy Phoibos died of a gastric outlet obstruction.

Tina's surgery Tina was spayed after she had shown some irregularities in her heat. The uterus wall was very thick.