The Nature Enclosure     Design     Construction    Paved enclosure    Ferrets in the Nature Enclosure

This enclosure is ~ 4 x 12 m, 48 m2, (~ 13.1 X 39.3 ft, 516 ft2) and it's a natural setting with grass, plants, small trees and bushes. Part of the plants are pine and evergreen to provide some foliage during the winter as well.There are rocks and logs and a ~1.5 m hill which provides excellent digging. I'm currently constructing the pond.

Here's the nature enclosure to the right and the smaller enclosure to left behind the rodhodendron.

Right now it's mostly a jungle, but this will be more structured when I've finished doing the landscape.

The fence is 1.6 m with plastic panels at the top to prevent the ferrets from climbing over. The fence is sitting on a concrete foundation which goes 0.7 m below ground so the ferrets can't tunnel out.

This is where the pond will be. It'll be about 2 m across and maybe with a small waterfall.

It's fun to sit and watch the ferrets! I also spend a lot of time with them inside the enclosure.

Digging tunnels into the ~1.5 m hill is very popular. The hills is densely infiltrated with roots which keep the tunnels from caving in.